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An incredible solar eclipse is planned in Spain, we tell you when

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Solar eclipses occur when the Moon “blocks” the passage of light from the Sun.

These days, in astronomical observation, all eyes are on the solar eclipse of December 4, 2021, which we will not see from Spain and Europe. In fact, it will only be visible from Antarctica. As we explained to you, to attend this fascinating astronomical phenomenon there are many difficulties, both logistical (reaching Antarctica is not easy or cheap …) and those related to meteorology, due to the extreme temperatures and cloudiness. The question that many of us ask ourselves is: When will a total or partial solar eclipse be visible in Europe and Spain?

The partial solar eclipse of October 25, 2022

Save this date: October 25, 2022. Less than a year to go, but that day there will be an important event: a partial solar eclipse in Europe. The percentage of obscuration of the solar disk by the Moon will be greater in Eastern Europe and Scandinavia. In Helsinki the darkening will exceed 50%, in Kiev it will be 51%, in Stockholm it will be 46% and in Bucharest it will be 40%.

The darkening will be less in Central Europe (in Berlin 32% of the Sun will be darkened, while in Paris and London only 13% and 15% respectively). In the Iberian Peninsula we will have to wait for the next eclipse, since that of next year will be imperceptible in Spain and Portugal.

August 12, 2026, total solar eclipse in Spain!

We will have to wait a few more years to see a spectacular solar eclipse in Europe, but it will be worth it. August 12, 2026 It is a date marked on the calendar of astronomy fans in Spain, since a total solar eclipse will be visible from the center, north and northeast of the peninsula, the Balearic Islands and Iceland, while in other areas of the continent -especially in the center and west- it will be partial, with a very high percentage of obscuration, much higher than in 2022.

The total solar eclipse of August 2026 will be visible first in Iceland, and then in Spain and the Balearic Islands. This will happen in the afternoon, almost at sunset. It will be appreciated in its entirety from cities such as Oviedo, Valencia, Barcelona and Zaragoza, from Palma de Mallorca and Bilbao, and also from Segovia, very close to Madrid. In the Spanish capital, however, the darkness will be very high, but the eclipse will not be total.

The first total solar eclipse in Europe since August 11, 1999

It will be the first visible total eclipse in Spain since 1905, and the first on the European continent since August 11, 1999. Outside of Spain, the darkening will be partial but still very important, exceeding 90% in several regions. The most affected areas will be Ireland, Great Britain, Portugal, France and Italy.

August 2, 2027, a spectacular eclipse in the Mediterranean

We won’t have to wait long after the historic solar eclipse of 2026as another will put on a great show at the southern tip of the European continent. The August 2, 2027, and this time the observation will be better in southern Spain, Portugal and Italy. They will also be able to enjoy the event in North Africa, from Morocco to Tunisia.

The eclipse will be total in the extreme south of Spain, bringing the night to Andalusia, from Malaga to Cádiz, but also to Seville (98% obscuration) and Granada (99%). In Portugal it will be impressive in Lisbon, with more than 92% attenuation, and in the Algarve region (more than 98%).

The annual solar eclipse of June 1, 2030

The June 1, 2030 at 06:29:13 hours UTC an annular solar eclipse will occur, which will be visible mainly from Algeria, Tunisia, Greece and Turkey. An annular eclipse occurs when the Moon is near the apogee and its angular diameter is smaller than the solar one. In this way around the lunar disk a luminous ring is visible.

June 21, 2039 and November 5, 2059

To find other total or partial solar eclipses with significant coverage in Europe, we will have to wait a few years. The eclipse of June 21, 2039 will be visible mainly in northern and eastern Europe, while the total eclipse of November 5, 2059 will be visible from Italy and France: total over Sicily, Sardinia, Corsica and southern France Although they can also enjoy the show in some areas of Catalonia and the Pyrenees.


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