May 15, 2022 8:10 pm

Ski season: December bridge with open seasons?

Jose Antonio Maldonado 4 min
Ski season 2021/2022
The snowfalls of the last hours and those to come are inspiring optimism.

I think that since alpine skiing began to be practiced in Spain, specifically in Candanchú (1934) and later in La Molina (1943), and until today, the best season in terms of amount of snow and days that remained open was 2008/2009 which began on November 2, the date Alto Campoo opened.

In this time there have been everything, good seasons and some very bad ones that have been saved at the mercy of the appearance of the cannons that make snow artificially. The love of skiing has grown exponentially And from that small group of self-taught fans, they have switched to ski passes, which in the 2019/2020 season represented an income of over 120 million, to which we must add additional income from hospitality, shopping, ski equipment rental …

It is true that the costs of personnel, maintenance, electricity for the operation of the guns, renovation of facilities, etc., are enormous, which means that not all of them are profitable every year.

Winter forecast
The European model foresees a somewhat warmer than normal winter in much of the country. We will see if it is fulfilled and how this can harm (or not) skiing.

Placing ourselves in the current moment, both skiers and those who somehow make a living from this consider and they ask us what the season will be like, after the disastrous previous one for reasons that we all know, which is going to start next weekend when they plan to start the ski lifts in some stations if the weather conditions allow it. This is impossible to answer at this point because we cannot know what will happen in the coming months.

Situation of the stations facing the Constitution bridge

It is true that the anticyclonic situation that has continuously characterized the atmosphere that surrounds us has not made things easier, but in these last days the snowfalls have been lavished in the mountainous areas of the north and east of the Peninsula and, in turn, the clear drop in temperatures is allowing the manufacture of artificial snow in most stations. In addition, it is foreseeable that it will continue to snow intermittently in the western half of the Peninsula, which will not remedy the problem of the drought suffered by many regions, but we will talk about that another day.

This weekend some stations are already open and many have not yet commented on the December long weekend. Aramón does plan to open its facilities on the 3rd.

Between Friday and Saturday they plan to open (maybe some more but they don’t have it for sure) Sierra Nevada, Baqueira, Masella, Leitariegos, San Isidro and Valgrande Pajares. What we do not know yet because they are working piecemeal is the number of skiable kilometers or the number of lifts.

For the Constitution Bridge in December, the stations want to open with the greatest number of kilometers possible, although they are not yet clear what the situation will be. Aramón does plan to open its facilities on the 3rd, but it is the only group that seems to have made a clear statement on the matter. The snowfalls of these days and those that will arrive before the end of the week allow us to be optimistic. So skiers … ski and enjoy!

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