January 20, 2022 4:30 pm

The best bird photos of 2021

An image of a Houbara bustard –Chlamydotis undulata– titled “The handsome man from the plain”, it has been worth the photographerJose Juan Hernandezto win the first prize of the fourteenth edition of Photo birds, an annual contest organized by the Spanish Society of Ornithology -SEO Birdlife– since 2007 with the aim of awarding the best bird photographs among amateurs and professionals from all over the world.

In the snapshot, Hernández uses a “sweep” technique that allows to reflect the dynamic display behavior of the male Houbara bustard, which after the winter rains begin an impressive procession displaying their plumage in all its splendor.

The heartthrob of the plain

Photo: José Juan Hernández / FotoAves

Selected among the more than 1,500 images submitted to the competition by photographers from around the world, the winning photograph has been followed by various accesses such as “The sound of the forest “, from Jose Manuel Castrillo. In it we can see the illuminated profile of a male grouse in the fullness of the forest during the first rays of daylight.

The sound of the forest

The sound of the forest

Photo: José Manuel Castrillo / FotoAves

“Flying fish” from Sebastian Molano Robledo It has also obtained an award in this edition, despite the fact that it is difficult for the image of a kingfisher to stand out in the eyes of the jury among the dozens that arrive each year at FotoAves. However, this photograph achieves it thanks to the fleeting moment captured; that magical moment of an action that takes place within milliseconds in which the fish seems to float weightlessly on the bird’s beak.

Flying fish

Flying fish

Photo: Sebastian Molano / FotoAves 2021

Other accesses, in this case the image titled “The gang”, from Pau Nuñez Santos, takes us to Volunteer Point, a nature reserve located in the Falkland Islands where there is a king penguin colony that has about 2,000 pairs. Its inhabitants move as they please between grassy areas and a beach with turquoise blue waters and fine white sand from which they enter and leave the sea in search of food.

The gang

The gang

Photo: Pau Nuñez Santos / FotoAves 2021

Special mention also for the photograph titled “Face to face” from Francisco Javier Sánchez Head, deserving of the fourth acesit. An image of tremendous visual strength and meritorious composition that shows the confrontation of two egrets, and where a strong backlight highlights both the white plumage of the birds and the drops of water that splash the action.

Face to face

Face to face

Photo: Francisco Javier Sánchez / FotoAves 2021

However, this not all. In addition to the winning images, the contest leaves us an excellent compendium of photographs, which have made the work of this year’s jury frankly difficult. In this gallery we show you a small selection of the best, not without highlighting that, as reported by the organization, the call for FotoBirds 2022 is already open, and that those interested in participating can do so through the website of the event.


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